Semi-Automatic MAP Tray Sealer

tray sealer machine

tray sealer machine

tray sealer machine

    MAP25 (Base Model): Standard components, supports different tray and film types.

    MAP25 is ideal for small and medium-sized food producers.

    Our machines help you achieve increased production while maintaining the highest standards of quality, and with fewer hassles.

    Technical Data

    Vacuum Pump: 35cfm  /  60m3/h
    Air Pressure: 90 psi  /  6 bar (dry)
    Pressures air consumption: 0.25 cf/cycle, 1 cf/min   /   7 nl/cycle, 30 nl/min
    Gas Pressure: 30 – 90 psi  /  2 – 6 bar
    Control Panel: Touch screen – 24 lines
    Dimensions (WxLxH): 30.70″ x 52.16″ x 69.30″  /  780 mm x 1,325 mm x 1,760 mm
    Weight: 995 lbs  /  450 kg
    Film Width: 18.50″  /  470 mm
    Capacity: 2 – 6 cycle/min

    Technical Images

    Low Operation Cost

    • Only one operator required (except for MAP25-DS Double Station model – 2 operators required)

    Ease of Use

    • Intuitive touch screen interface makes operations simple and reduces user error
    • Multi-program memory allows operators to quickly and easily switch between different products
    • Stainless steel structure is designed to be easy to regularly clean and sanitize


    • Quick-change molds and tray sealing tools allow MAP25 to be used with a wide variety of different tray sizes and configurations
    • Compact design fits easily into virtually any food production facility


    • Our machines are constructed from the highest quality electrical and mechanical components
    • Our industry-leading customer service and support means you’ll avoid costly interruptions in production
    • Designed and manufactured by APACK – over 20 years at the leading edge of food packaging

    5 Models to Suit Your Company’s Needs

    • MAP25 (Base Model): Standard components, supports different tray and film types.
    • MAP25-E (Extended): Optimized for larger tray sizes, this model is built to different dimensions based on the customer’s specific requirements.
    • MAP25-DS (Double Station): Provides double production capacity for high-output facilities.
    • MAP25-Skin: Skin packaging forms the transparent top film to the contours of the food product. The MAP25-Skin can be customized to fit packaging tray heights from 10mm up to 35mm.
    • MAP25-X (Custom): Designed to accommodate larger, heavier trays.



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